Friday, January 2, 2015

IHOP #3028 – Harker Heights, Texas

The coffee was fantastic.

We weren't greeted when we entered, and we stood in the vestibule waiting for someone to notice. It was about 9pm on a Sunday night, and the restaurant wasn't close to being crowded. After several minutes, I stepped through the door of the entryway, hoping to catch someone's attention and finally, a cook in the kitchen saw me standing there and spoke to a server who led us to a table.

But the coffee was fantastic.

The IHOP in Harker Heights is only a few years old, making it our choice over the older, less well maintained nearby Killeen IHOP. They didn't have much help that night, which is understandable, as Sunday nights in late December are not generally a busy time. When we were finally seated, they took our drink order almost immediately. It was late, and we wanted decaf coffee – often an afterthought in restaurants, and usually not very tasty.

Not this time – the coffee was fantastic.

Sorry, I don't often gush about coffee, but that's because coffee in restaurants usually is nothing to write home about, especially decaf. For whatever reason, that night, the decaf was the best I've ever tasted. The food was nothing to rave about; it was good, but not great. My eggs were a bit overdone, the gravy wasn't very tasty, but the hash browns were perfect. It was a fairly typical IHOP meal, and overall, everyone in our party enjoyed their food.

The server was friendly and attentive once we were finally seated, and she made sure we had what we needed. She stopped by the table several times, and like a good server, took care of us without being obvious or intrusive about it.

And the coffee was fantastic.

Okay, sorry. I won't mention the coffee again.

Like I said, the food was good, the service was very good once we were finally seated, and the atmosphere was pleasant and relaxed. In fact, we lingered longer than we planned, specifically to have another cup of… that stuff I promised I wouldn't mention again, because… well… you get the idea.

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