Friday, January 30, 2015

John's Java House – Copperas Cove, Texas

You want a good cup of coffee. You want coffee brewed by someone that knows coffee beans and how they should be roasted in order to produce the perfect cup. You're not the least bit interested in fast food, chain store stuff. So where do you go?

Go directly to John's Java House in Copperas Cove, Texas.

It's a small, pleasant, quiet little spot where you can drink an exceptional cup of coffee or tea. According to the listing on Yelp, John buys his coffee beans from a micro roaster in Houston, custom roasted as per his specifications. Obviously he is a man that knows his business, and he serves all manner of espresso, lattes, frappes, and teas; all very well done in a friendly, small town atmosphere.

We were unaware of this great coffee shop until we were invited by friends to attend a book signing. Local author and friend Brad Crochet was at John's one Sunday to autograph copies of his new book The Americanization of the Prairie and Piney Woods Cajuns, and while visiting with friends, we ordered coffee.

I wanted a simple cup of coffee, so I ordered the daily variety, a French roast. I took a sip and I thought, 'this is really good.' I looked at my wife and she said it aloud.

"This is really good coffee."

It wasn't just me. John's coffee is excellent.

The coffee was anything but simple; it was one of best I've ever had. Of the thousands of cups of coffee I've had from fast food joints to restaurants, John's Java House gave me an exceptional taste experience. It was distinctly better than any cup of coffee in recent memory, with not a hint of bitterness, just rich, full flavor. It was one of those things that makes you stop and take notice.

John isn't trying to duplicate menu items from chain stores; his business is built on using his expertise to provide products that showcase his store and his talents. He is a unique craftsman, and it was a pleasure to relax and enjoy an experience in his shop. This modern, corporate controlled world leaves far too little space for independent businesses, and it is refreshing to find a place like John's, where the spirit of independent commerce lives and hopefully thrives.

We are always happy to promote local, independent businesses if they're good, and this is a good one. If you live in the area or visit, stop in to John's Java House in Copperas Cove and enjoy the outstanding variety of coffees, teas, and more. While you're there, pick a record album from the box, and John will play it while you relax.

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Author's note: John's Java House closed for good in January 2016.

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