Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bella Marie’s Pizzeria – St. George, Utah

People in New York, Boston, and Chicago probably think they have the market cornered on great pizza. There is no denying that restaurants in those great cities make some of the finest pizza in the country, but they are not the only ones. 

If you find yourself in the high desert of Southern Utah, there is a pizzeria worthy of praise for producing some of the finest pizza I have ever eaten. Bella Marie’s Pizzeria, in St. George, Utah, was an entirely unexpected find. Unlike most restaurants in this hurry up modern world, Bella Marie’s takes the time to make their own pizza sauce and dough. What comes together on a plate in this little restaurant is something so special that it stands among the finest anywhere.

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Although I have only been fortunate enough to eat there twice, each time was an experience that will stay with me. Bella Marie’s makes pizza that is so fresh and tasty that it stands among the best offered in any and all of the great pizza cities of the US. You just cannot go wrong eating in this restaurant, located in the unlikely desert town of St. George, Utah. 

To eat pizza in such a restaurant is to ruin every other pizza choice readily available in any American city. No disrespect intended to any of the many pizza chains across the country, but I can’t bring myself to even mention their names in the same article as that of Bella Marie’s. I haven’t even tried any other entrée they offer – the two times I have traveled to the St. George area, all I wanted to do was eat Bella Marie’s pizza. I can’t imagine that any menu item there isn’t world class, but it’s their pizza that stands out for me.

As I write this, months after my last visit, I can still taste it – the tanginess of the cheese blend, the richness of the sauce, and the perfection – did I mention perfection? – of the crust, are vivid in my mind. I have eaten great pizza before, in New York, Boston, and even in a little restaurant in Bozeman, Montana called The Pizza Oven. For my taste buds though, the exceptional pizza from Bella Marie’s, is among the best I have ever eaten.

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