Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cracker Barrel – Harker Heights, Texas

If you do much traveling, you've seen Cracker Barrel restaurants just about everywhere in the US. These popular eateries are usually conveniently located at major highway exits, and are well advertised on roadside billboards. We have visited several Cracker Barrel locations; the Harker Heights, Texas store is one of the best.

Our most recent visit was a late morning breakfast after I had a surgical procedure. I was still considerably fuzzy from the anesthesia, and I don't remember the drive from the hospital to the restaurant, or even getting out of the car.

What I do remember is having a cup of coffee in my hand and taking the first sips. I suppose anyone's coffee would have done the trick that day, however, on that fuzzy morning, the coffee at Cracker Barrel struck me as especially tasty. 

Then the food arrived, and it was perfect. Eggs, hash browns, sausage, and toast – everything was excellent. Yes, it's true I was not totally alert. Even with lingering anesthesia I can still taste the difference between good food and not so good, and this was good food.

We have eaten at the Cracker Barrel in Harker Heights many times; breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we have enjoyed great food and service every time. I know they want customers to browse and hopefully buy merchandise from the gift shop, and I know other reviewers have complained they were not seated in a timely manner. Our experiences at this store have resulted in immediate seating, friendly service, and excellent food.

Chances are you don't have to go far to find a Cracker Barrel Restaurant. If you're in the Harker Heights, Texas area, stop in and enjoy a great meal. And play some Peg Solitaire while you're there.

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